3 Things You Should Not Do While Visiting Sikkim this Summer

If you are planning your next trip to Sikkim this summer then probably you have already get enough information about this place. Sikkim is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in India. Lofty snow-capped mountains, beautiful flora and fauna and great hospitality – all these features make Sikkim world’s one of the most popular hill station for the international tourists.

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While getting information about Sikkim Gangtok tour packages from Kolkata, you should also be aware of a few things that you SHOULD NOT DO in Sikkim to make your trip memorable. 

What to Avoid in Sikkim Tour

Every region has its own culture, customs and traditions. Tourists should respect them and follow the norms for their personal safety and the safety of the environment as well.

  • Going Against Nature

Flora and fauna of Sikkim are very rich and stunning. As a tourist, you must show respect to the same. It would be best if you are respectful to the nature of this place. Do not pluck flowers from the gardens and do not destroy the local vegetation. Do not use any kind of fuel in the forest to cook foods without the concern of the local people.

  • Disobeying the Traffic Rules

Sikkim is one of those states where the traffic rules are stringent, and the local people obey them properly. Tourists are also requested not to disobey the local traffic rules. Follow the driving and parking rules while visiting this place. You should understand that your small step of disobedience can cause an enormous mess in those hilly roads. So, avoid them totally. Get proper permits to visit the restricted areas in Sikkim. Follow the instructions of your local tour guide in these cases.

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  • Disrespecting the Locals

The local people of Sikkim are well known for the great hospitality. They are kind, friendly, honest and helpful. They love to help the tourists. However, in return, these people also deserve respect from you. Refrain yourself from showing any kind of disrespect to these wonderful people. Be respectful to the local women. Do not be rude to the foods offered by cipf-es.org the locals. Be polite and friendly with them. 

For the local people, the entire state is sacred, and they love their home very much. When you go there as a tourist, you should respect their feelings so that your tour and their lives can go on smoothly.

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