5 Water Sports You Can Include In Your Andaman Tour Package

If you think that you can’t enjoy your Andaman tour just because you are a non-swimmer, it’s high time you debunk the myth. You just don’t have to sit and watch your friends and family splashing into the water.

There are numerous water sports you can include in your tour package if you just have the desire to have fun in the waters. Andaman has much to offer the pro swimmers and non-swimmers. Just put on your life jacket and fulfil your desire to plunge into the sea even without knowing the basic swimming skills.

Planning An Andaman Tour? Famous Water Sports You Should Definitely Enjoy


Couples enjoying snorkelling is a very common scene you will notice during your Andaman trip. Just put on your goggles and the colourful reefs of the Havelock Island will definitely leave you mesmerised. Don’t forget to include snorkelling in your Andaman honeymoon package and get to see the underwater marine life and rarest of corals.

Banana Boat Rides

Riding a banana boat with a group of people in the Andaman is a lot more enjoyable than you think. This adventure activity is quite exciting and fun-filled. The boat is shaped like a banana and six people can ride on it at a time. To get rush, a speed boat is tied in front of it. Not only does an instructor accompany the tourist but they are also given life jackets to make the trip safer.

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This is another water sports for non-swimmers visiting Andaman. Parasailing is regarded to be the perfect blend of airborne and water adventure. You will be harnessed in a parachute before tying it behind a motorboat. As the speed boat sails into the sea, you will fly just like a kite behind it. This is what makes parasailing extremely thrilling. If luck favours, you might even enjoy a dip into the sea while parasailing.

Scuba Diving

This is a very common water sport in Andaman with numerous scuba diving centres scattered all over the region. You can easily get the certificate required to enjoy scuba diving even if you don’t have the basic swimming skills. The enchanting water life and colourful corals will make your diving experience memorable. In fact, scuba diving is regarded as one of the best water sports tourists can include in their Andaman tour package.


Angling is also known as sport fishing. This is one of the water sports which you don’t need to enjoy by getting drenched. Rent a swanky yacht and go on a fishing trip. This trip generally starts in the afternoon so plan your tour accordingly. A good news is that you can fry and eat the fishes you have caught during sport fishing.

Since you are now aware of the common water sports you can enjoy during your Andaman trip, it’s time you start looking for a travel agency offering tour packages at affordable prices.