Andaman Trip – How To Get The Most of This Breathtakingly Incredible Coastline

The islands of Andaman are globally famous for the pristine sandy beaches that are unique to the Andamans. Passionate travellers are simply crazy about the overwhelming beauty of this coastline. But unfortunately most of them have no clear idea of when to and how to plan an Andaman trip to create the most amazing moments of life. Here are some essential tips and answers to some questions often asked by the people visiting this tranquil beach territory.

Do you need passport visa for visiting Andaman?

Being an Indian, you don’t need any passport or visa to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands as they are the Indian Territory; they belong to India. Thus you don’t need any of these. But non-Indians need to carry passport along with Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to enter the area.

What is best season to visit Andaman?

The best time for having a trip to gorgeous Andaman is between October and May end. During that time, the weather remains extremely pleasant here. In fact, this is the perfect weather for an amazing beach vacation. Choose your Andaman tour package well in advance. Better you start planning at least 3 to 4 months in advance so your airfares remain reasonable.

How to reach Andaman?

Port Blair, the capital of Andaman is well connected by air to almost every major city of India. While flights from Kolkata and Chennai are non – stop ones others have a layover. Besides, you can also travel to the beautiful islands of Andaman by ship; it’s a three day travel. Ships for Port Blair are available from Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam; they run on punctual schedules. You can ask any of the reputed Andaman Travel agents from Kolkata to arrange a trip for you. However, there is chance of cancellation of the ship owing to bad weather conditions especially during monsoon.

How long will you need to hang around?

Your Andaman holidays should be a package of 7 days to see the most eminent amazing places of the beautiful islands. But if you don’t have that much time to spend, then have a 3 night 4 days Andaman trip so you can visit Havelock and Neil Islands. Visit Cellular Jail and enjoy at the beaches in Port Blair on the day of arrival. But an ideal itinerary for a 7 days trip would be as follows:

Day 1 (day of arrival) – City tour, visit to Cellular Jail
Day 2 – North Bay and Ross Island
Day 3 – Overnight stay at Neil Island
Day 4 – 3 nights in Havelock or a shorter stay along with a visit to limestone caves
Day 7 – Back to Port Blair and a city tour
Day 8 – Leave islands in the morning and have your flight

This is just a sample tour plan. You can always change it as per your convenience. You can also ask your tour operator to schedule a plan considering your budget and time constraints.

What shouldn’t you miss in Andaman?

  • Don’t miss to visit Cellular Jail. This is one of those rare places where you get the feel of how our ancestors struggled for independence.
  • Scuba diving is something that shouldn’t be missed while in Andaman even if you don’t know swimming. This is a lifetime experience that you can enjoy at Havelock or North Bay for a nominal fee.
  • Have a trip to Ross Island nestled in the middle of ocean.
  • Try sea food preparations including crabs and lobsters especially in Golden Spoon road side hotel in Havelock.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a reputed Travel agency in Kolkata for having a great Andaman trip. The above-mentioned facts might help you make it even greater.