Booking Andaman Tour Packages From Kolkata? Tips To Enjoy Your Trip!

Now that your wedding date is finalised, are you on the lookout for the ideal honeymoon destination? Planning to choose an exotic honeymoon destination where you can get to know each other more closely in a serene atmosphere? Looking for a strong support and professional guidance? Opting for assorted Andaman tour packages can be your best bet!

While it’s true that there are many romantic honeymoon spots all over the country, nothing can be a more viable option than Andaman. Counted as one of the most sought – after honeymoon destinations in the world, Andaman provides couples with a plethora of options. Be it the virgin rain – forests, beautiful beaches or the pristine landscapes, Andaman tour packages offered by a leading travel agency in Kolkata have something for very honeymoon couple!

Here are a few useful tips to help you make the most of your Honeymoon trip!

Andaman Tour Packages from Kolkata

Andaman Tour Packages From Kolkata : Tips To Make Your Honeymoon Trip Exciting

  1. Indulge in Sea Walking, Swimming or Scuba Diving

Hold each other tightly under the transparent water to indulge in swimming and sea walking. Watch how small fishes dart to and fro and explore the rich and vibrant aquatic life. To get close to the colourful reefs that the Andaman beaches are famous for, you can even consider scuba diving. Collect few corals and catch small daces.

  1. Get Lost in The Tropical Rainforest

During the afternoon, you can get lost in the amazing tropical rainforests of Andaman to experience a colourful afternoon. Soothe your body with the gentle breeze that blows around you. Just before the sun sets, get back to the beachside or a seaside and see how sunset brings out the colours of the dense forests alive.

  1. Spend Time at The Beautiful Beaches

Can anything be more romantic than spending some private time in golden beaches? Booking Andaman tour packages from Kolkata can then be ideal for you! Sit behind a small bush to sit and embrace one another. You can even bask in the morning sun by laying your head on the lap of your spouse.

  1. Trek To Madhuban

If you are a couple who loves adventures, going on a trek to Madhuban can be ideal for you. The trek from Mount Harriet to Madhuban sees huge tourist turnout every year. The exotic fauna and the lush green forests of the region will make you fall in love with the place!

So what are you still here for? Quickly approach a leading travel agency and book the ideal Andaman tour package for a memorable honeymoon!