Make Your Sikkim Tour Memorable With Some Travel Tips

Though Sikkim has a lot to offer its tourists, there are still a few avid travellers who have not booked a tour package yet. This is primarily because they don’t know the right time to plan their tour and whether a border permit will be necessary. The best you can do is to get in touch with an experienced travel agency and they will answer all your queries regarding the tourist destination and the tour package. They will even let you know the essentials you need to pick for the tour.  The travel tips will act as the travel guide and make your trip enjoyable.

4 Travel Tips To Follow During Your Sikkim Tour

  • Check The Weather

If you are willing to soak the scenic beauty of all the tourist destinations during your Sikkim trip, plan it when the weather is fine. The state is located in the northeastern part of India so you can expect a cold climate almost throughout the year. Even if you are planning your trip during summer when the weather is comparatively warm, make sure you pack your warm clothes as well. The easiest way to predict the weather is by checking the weather forecast atleast 2 weeks before your date of travel.

  • Pack The Essentials

Packing a few woollen garments is a must irrespective of the month you are planning your trip. This is primarily because Sikkim remains cold almost throughout the year. Since regular tap water is not suitable for drinking, make sure you carry a few bottles of mineral water and water purification tablets. Stay prepared for unforeseen circumstances by packing prescribed medicines, sanitary napkins and a first-aid kit. Pack few antibacterial creams as well to stay away from skin infections.

  • Get Border Permits

Though you don’t have to worry about border permits if you have approached a renowned travel agency offering Sikkim tour packages, get them in advance if you are planning the trip yourself. Official permits are necessary to visit few restricted areas in Sikkim as the state is bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. A local travel agent knows whether you will require a regular permit or a border permit. Tourists planning their trip themselves might have to wait for a few more days in case the permits get delayed.

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  • Carry Minimum Cash

There are numerous ATMs scattered all over Sikkim so carrying excessive cash won’t be necessary. Opt for alternative modes of payment like cheques and debit cards. Though incidents of robbery and theft are not quite common, staying aware of such circumstances is always recommended. A primary reason why tourists nowadays prefer digital modes of payment instead of cash is that they are more handy and you don’t even have to worry about theft.

These being said, it’s time you follow the travel tips stated above and approach a renowned travel agency if you want your trip to be hassle-free.