Must Haves For Andaman Trip – Andaman Tour Things to Remember

Planning a trip to the tropical islands can fill your life with beautiful memories. However, if you need the right type of toiletries and dresses with you, the holiday can get frustrating and leave you wishing for a more comfortable beach holiday. The sun is sharp on the tropical islands and can burn skin. Wearing the right clothes and carrying accessories like umbrellas, glasses, and hats will make your journey comfortable and memorable.

Hence, if you’re planning an Andaman trip, you must have a few things in mind. Before planning an Andaman tour, remember these things.


Andaman Trip

What to pack for the Andaman trip?

Clothing and attire

Packing clothes for Andaman depends largely on the climate and season you plan to visit. However, sunglasses, hats and caps are integral to the must-haves. Also, carry light cotton clothing, shorts, light-coloured shirts and floral dresses to get a perfect beach look. For the evenings, you can pack a few smart casuals that you can wear comfortably and explore the island. If you have a knack for water activities, bikinis and swimming shorts are a great choice.

Important toiletries

While planning a trip to Andaman, remember to stock up on the right type of toiletries. To prevent your skin from getting toned due to sun rays, you need to carry sunscreen with high SPF, insect repellent, sunburn lotion, and sufficient amounts of face wash. Also, make sure you carry minimal makeup and a maximum amount of skin care products.

Take proper electronic gadgets

Apart from mobile phones and chargers, if possible, carry a digital camera and video camera to capture beautiful moments. Also, make sure you stock up on electronic gadgets carefully in waterproof bags when you’re out for beach exploration.

Proper travel documents

Before you leave for the islands, make sure, along with the accessories, you also carry sufficient cash in Indian currency, credit card, and master card. It is difficult to find a suitable ATM every time you are on an island. Hence, they carry cards and have access to digital payment solutions. Also, a driver’s license or PAN card must be carried as proof of identity.

Are you planning an Andaman trip? Get in touch with Holiday Guide for customised tour packages. Let us know your requirements, and we will devise the best plan for you.