Ensure That Your Tour Package to Andaman Includes Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach

You can well understand that when a beach gets ranked as the ‘best beach in Asia’ by TIME magazine, there is no way that you can afford to give it a miss. This epithet was bestowed on the beach by the magazine almost a decade and a half ago, but even today the tag holds true. You are sure to get enamoured by the beauty that the Radhanagar beach has to offer. Despite the enviable tag, one good thing that has happened is that the beach is still relatively untouched and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands administrative body ensures that the beauty and charm of the beach are preserved actively.

Why Radhanagar Beach

The beach is well – known for the white sands, amazing sunsets and waters with a turquoise blue tinge. You are definitely going to have the time of your life during the moments that you spend at Radhanagar beach. Make sure that you enquire with your travel agent in Andaman about whether their tour package includes a trip to the Radhanagar beach.

How to Reach Radhanagar Beach

Reaching this beach is not much of a difficult task. All you have to do is to take a cruise from Port Blair, preferably in the morning, and it will take you just 2½ hours to get there. You can avail the same cruise to bring you back in the evening. If you choose not to carry your lunch with you, it would serve you well to order food at one of the roadside restaurants before you make your way into the beach. No food stalls are allowed on the beach area, and if you do not pre-order the food before entering, you may have to go without a meal until you get back to Port Blair.

Basically, it would be a crying shame if you happen to choose a tour package to Andaman that does not include the Radhanagar beach.