Witness the Beauty That Tiger Hill in Darjeeling Has to Offer and Get Awestricken

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling

When you choose a Darjeeling tour package, you will do well to make sure that the famed Tiger Hill is included in it. Located at a distance of just 11 km from the town of Darjeeling, it is one of the most beautiful spots that you are ever likely to see. The Hill itself has an altitude of almost 8,500 ft, you are sure to have an experience that you are not going to forget for a long time.

Things to Do in Tiger Hill

  • Watch the Sunrise –The primary reason that tourists visit Tiger Hill is so that they can get a sight of the sun rising and giving the hallowed Mt Kanchenjunga a golden hue.
  • Sip on the Tea –It would be a crying shame if you happen to somehow miss tasting the amazing tea that the area has to offer. Additionally, in the cold temperatures that you will find in the area, sipping on a cup of tea will also give you some warmth.

How to Reach Tiger Hill

Getting to Tiger Hill from Darjeeling is not much of a difficult task. However, you will need to ensure that you get there as early in the day as possible if you want to see the sunrise. You can simply take a taxi from Darjeeling and reach Tiger Hill. Once you are at Tiger Hill, you should find a good spot to stand and see the sunrise.