5 Mistakes to Avoid While Planning Andaman Tour Packages

Andaman Nicobar Island is undoubtedly a dream destination for beach lovers. With exotic beaches and pristine islands, Andaman sets the perfect mood for people who travel in search of calm and serenity. With clear turquoise waters, velvety soft sands, and the warm tropical sun falling over your skin, your heart will be filled with joy as you walk through the beaches.

While planning Andaman tour packages from Kolkata, avoid common mistakes many people make during their first visit.

To help you plan the best itinerary for the Andaman tours, we are here to give you an insight into the common mistakes you must avoid.

What are the mistakes to avoid while planning for Andaman?

Planning for fewer days

Unlike the mountains, Andaman is all about moving from one island to the other, hence you need to plan a detailed trip to cover all the islands. Along with the popular islands like Neil Island, Havelock and Port Blair, if you plan the trip with a sufficient number of days, you can also explore the pristine beauty of Cinque Island, Ross Island and Baratang Island, which are mostly unexplored.

Not making bookings

Pre-booking is necessary if you’re planning a trip in the peak season. The ferries, hotels, and flights must be pre-booked so that you do not have to wait in the queue for the same. Many people make the mistake of not making any pre-bookings. This can land you in trouble.

Expecting SIM and internet connections is easy

Are you expecting fast and uninterrupted internet everywhere on the islands? Then you’re in for a surprise. Since it’s a water-based area, getting a proper phone and wifi connection can be troublesome. Hence, be prepared for the same and keep your family informed so that you do not face any difficulties after that.

Expecting luxurious cruises

Transportation from one beach to the other is done through ferries and cruises. However, do not get your expectations up. You’re going to get shared ferries for the transportation purpose. If you’re expecting a private cruise, ask the tour operator beforehand so they can arrange it.

Need to pack the right clothes

Andaman is full of water sports. You will spend 80% of your time either walking on the beaches, swimming, snorkelling or relaxing on the beach. Hence, pack your clothes accordingly. Pack cotton clothes to avoid heat burns. Remember to carry your sunscreens, an extra pair of towels and slippers for the trip.

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