Enjoy the Best Ocean Trip with Andaman Tour Package

If you are all about sunny skies, blue ocean, beautiful sea creatures, and the overall beauty of the sea and island, then Andaman is the perfect destination trip for you. If you have heard the song Paradise City by Guns n Roses, then Andaman is the paradise island you all have been missing out on. From scuba diving and swimming with the fishes, to parasailing and devouring the whole beauty of Andaman island from thousands of feet above, a trip to Andaman is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Have some of the most authentic seafood dishes, fresh and profusely delicious at the Andaman tour package. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best things that you can do at this heaven on earth place.

Andaman Tour Package

Scuba Diving

So, if you have seen those scuba diving videos on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel, and wondering where you can experience such amazing stuff, well Andaman island it is. If you do not know how to swim, it is still not an issue as scuba diving doesn’t require swimming. In scuba diving, you need to dive into the deep blue unending ocean and experience the beauty of it. It is beyond your imagination of how beautiful the sea world is. If you know swimming, you can go to the more stringent levels and into the open waters, but otherwise swimming is not entirely required at all. The cost starts from around INR 1,800 onwards.


If you got a high adrenaline rush and want to satisfy it, parasailing is for you. This is the only activity in Andaman that is a combination of water and airborne adventure. Have you ever looked up and spotted a kite, and the thought of ‘I wish I could fly like a kite’ crossed your mind? Well, here is your chance. A parachute is tied behind a speedboat, and you get to fly like a kite as the speedboat takes off.

Swim with Elephants at Havelock Island

Why only swim with fishes when you can swim with elephants too? At Andaman’s Havelock Island, you can swim with Rajan- the star elephant. The elephant loves the company of humans to swim with and is very friendly and cooperative. Rajan stays busy most of the time, so you have to book your swim date with him in advance.

Boost your adrenaline rush with Banana Boat Ride

If you are looking forward to some fun-filled and thrilling adventure sports at the Andaman tour package, this is your thing. Banana boats, as goes by the name, are banana-shaped boats on which 5-6 people can ride at a time. As the speedboat gains rush, the banana boat attached to it will also gain its speed. Rush through the water at high speed, and it is a safe activity until you have got your life jackets on. The cost is around INR 620 per person, along with the banana boat, an instructor, and life jackets!

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