5 Reasons To Book Sikkim Gangtok Tour Packages This Holiday Season

So how do you decide on a travel destination when planning to go on a trip? Is it the heavenly landscapes, snow-capped mountains and mystic environs which matter the most to you? Or is it the spectacular scenic beauty and the great surroundings which drive you crazy? Well, no matter what your choices are, planning a Sikkim Gangtok trip can be the key to a wondrous holiday!

Sikkim is popularly known as the land of mystique. Enveloped by the majestic Himalayas, this north-eastern state happens to be the ideal spot for everyone. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover or a spiritual buff, Sikkim has something to offer to all kinds of travellers. And, when you book tour packages offered by the best travel agency in Kolkata, you can be assured of a memorable tour experience.

Read on to find out why Sikkim should definitely be the next travel destination on your bucket list!

Sikkim Gangtok Tour Packages From Kolkata: Few Reasons Why This Mystic Land Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

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  1. The Pictorial Landscape & Scenery

The tranquillity that this state has to offer needs no special mention. This is because when you see it, you are bound to be spellbound for sure. The snow-capped mountains reach the high altitudes, offering a striking combination of blue and green. Even the road which connects the famous Rumtek Monastery to the Ranaka Monastery is another sight to behold.

  1. Host of Adventure Sports

If you are someone who wants to get his or her adrenaline rush pumping, Sikkim has a number of adventure activities to offer that is bound to thrill you. Be it mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, river rafting or kayaking, Sikkim has a range of adventure sports to satiate your enthusiasm.

  1. Monasteries

Buddhism, being one of the major religions followed by the locals here, there are numerous monasteries which are more than just religious centres. Intricate Buddhist art, spirituality, serenity and reverberating connections are some of the things which you will capture during your visit to the monasteries here. Some of the popular monasteries here are- Rumtek Monastery, Dubdi Monastery, Ralang Monastery, Lachen Monastery, etc.

  1. Cuisine

Sikkimese food is something that will surely amaze you with its relishing flavours. The food here is a rich mixture of native Sikkimese, Nepalese and Tibetan food. Some of the most authentic foods which you should surely try are Momo, Thukpa, Sha Phaley and Gundruk. Thus, if you are a foodie, booking assorted Sikkim Gangtok tour packages from Kolkata can be the ideal way to try the delicacies of Sikkim.

  1. Nathu La Pass

Situated in the Himalayas, the Nathu La Pass connects Sikkim with China. It was opened in the year 2006 to promote trade between India and China. It is one of the few places in India which is going to leave you overwhelmed with the feelings of patriotism. The sight of the border being heavily guarded by our soldiers will give you immense pride for the Indian army.

Now that you have this list of reasons, what are you still thinking of? It’s time to book an all-inclusive Sikkim tour package within your budget!