Best packages for Bangkok Pattaya tour

If you love to go to the sea beaches and chill out with your family and friends Bangkok and Pattaya are the best places for you. Clear skies, Sunshine, Blue, green and different colour of the water makes the place worth visiting. From Kolkata, it will be a good trip to remember for the rest of life and to make some unforgettable memories in the process. A 4N 5D Bangkok Pattaya package from Kolkata to a very different country is very much memorable for its own unique culture and atmosphere. The cultural heritage and creative juices will flow down the memory lane of every traveller like a stream of a river.

Bangkok Pattaya ?P?ackage from Kolkata

Day by day package:

Day 1: After the journey begins, it will be a complete roller costar to ride where people will go through a lot of things. From Kolkata to Bangkok, the journey is worthwhile. After reaching the soil, it will be an amazing experience, and you will love it. Nights are as colourful as the days and festivals of all kinds of cultures and provinces throughout Asia come to life and celebrate in their unique style. In the evening, it is like heaven. Fairs and festivals with delicious food and light and sound show ( Alcazar show).

Day 2: In Pattaya, if someone misses the coral islands, it will be a big mistake. People go there almost all the time of the year and enjoy the natural beauty which the sea has to offer. Natural corals and their unmatched beauty mesmerized everyone with its magnetic power. When someone swims through those, they can feel the reality of their existence. Islands offer you the most significant amount of things which you will enjoy from a very different viewpoint.

Day 3: Now its time to back to the main soil. Bangkok itself is a very beautiful city and offers a tremendous amount of culture and history. This capital city of Thailand is one of the key industrial and cultural hubs of not only Asia but all the world. The temples of the city stand like ancient giants cultivating the art form of Sukothai. The art galleries of this city are a natural heritage formation for those who love being taken by the complexity of the art. This city is also home to various tribes and help them to flourish in their way. These cultures bring out the freshness of different cultures and give the city a delicious taste.

Day 4: The safari parks and marine parks are also very famous, and it also stimulates the adventures part of the tour. It provides every aspect of risk but with a safety net it the cheery on the top.

Conclusions: Bangkok Pattaya package from Kolkata will be a very worthwhile experience for every fellow traveller. In a foreign country like Thailand, it will be unwise to taste every food that it offers. Otherwise, it will be not worth it at all.