Things You Must Have in Your Bag While Travelling to Bangkok Pattaya

Thailand is the 3rd most visited country by the Indians. Bangkok is known as one of the most favourite honeymoon destinations for modern Indian couples. Pattaya is a lovely place to have some bachelor parties or a memorable trip with close friends. That means there are several types of people in India who love to visit Bangkok, Pattaya for various reasons. Thus, the demand for Bangkok Pattaya Package from Kolkata is very high as well.

Bangkok Pattaya ?P?ackage from Kolkata

Often they want to know what they should have in their backpacks while visiting these places. Let’s discuss it in this blog.

What to Pack in Your Backpack for Your Thailand Tour

Slippers instead of Shoes

Thailand is a place where sandals will give you more comfort than the stylish shoes while roaming the local sights. There are many places where you have to take off your shoes, and that can irritate you if you are wearing fancy shoes with belts. Keep slippers in your travel bag and wear them while visiting the local spots to be comfortable.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Though both these products are available in the local market of Bangkok, you should carry them to avoid the high price of the local products. You may not get a single bug out there, but there is no harm to be prepared. The sunscreen is must if you really want to save your skin from sunburn in Thailand.

Thai Sim Card

Rather than using roaming from your country, it is better to look for the Thai SIM cards. It will be a cheaper option of communication in this country. Hence, while looking for the best Bangkok Pattaya Package from Kolkata, you should also look at where to get the local SIM cards once you arrive in Thailand.

Bathing Suit and a Quick Dry Towel

Whether it is the swimming pool in your hotel or the beaches – you will need your swimming suit everywhere. So do not forget to pack them. Having a sarong and a quick-dry towel is also very helpful when you are just enjoying the view out of the pool or on the beach.

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