Get the Perfect Vacation This Year with an Andaman Tour Package

A beach holiday is a perfect idea if you are looking for seclusion. Though there are numerous beaches for you to choose from all over the world, the beauty and serenity offered by Andaman is second to none. It is not just a beautiful landscape with quite and calm islands but the perfect destination for anyone planning a relaxing vacation. The scenic beauty of the place and the picture-perfect landscape will give you some memories which you can cherish forever.

Andaman Honeymoon Package

5 Popular Destinations You Can Include In Your Andaman Tour Package

  • Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach : Andaman

The enjoyment meter of your Andaman holidays will enhance drastically if you include the Elephant Beach in your trip itinerary. It is quite popular among Indian tourists as the coral reef is suitable for snorkeling experiences. You can either reach the beach by hiring a speedboat from the jetty or undertake a trek with your travel agent to guide you. You can enjoy numerous water sports there but reach before 2 pm.


  • Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail : Andaman

Almost every experienced Andaman travel agent will agree to the fact that the Cellular Jail in Port Blair is one of the most-visited places because of its historical importance. It was built by the British to take away the political prisoners from the mainland. Later, it was transformed into a national monument. It generally remains open from 9:30 am to 4 pm for the tourists but is closed on Mondays so plan your trip accordingly.


  • Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach : Andaman

The Radhanagar Beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Havelock Island. The silky white sand looks gorgeous and complements the turquoise water very well. Even the coral reefs are excellent for snorkeling. You can rent the fins and snorkels from the food shacks near the beach. Visit the beach if you are looking for some memorable swimming experiences or want to enjoy the spectacular sunset.


  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park : Andaman

Include Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in your Andaman honeymoon package and enjoy its flora and fauna in the vast stretches of marine water. The sparking sandy beaches, magnificent coral reefs, mangroves and bushy vegetated islands will make your honeymoon more memorable. If luck favours, you can even catch a glimpse of birds like the Andaman Teal, White-Bellied Sea Eagle, Wanders, Swifts, Heron and Parakeets.


  • Barren Island

Barren Island : Andaman

If you are willing to create some memories for life, include Barren Island in your Andaman tour package and fulfil your desire to visit some unexplored places. The place is treated as a photographer’s paradise as it is filled with goats, some rodent species and flying foxes. The crystal blue water surrounding the island enhances its visual appeal even further. It is generally uninhabited by humans as it is home to an active volcano and so you need special permits to visit the place.


Since there are so many beautiful and unique places to visit in Andaman, it’s time you book the best tour package that suits your budget.