North Sikkim Holiday Package From Kolkata – Tips That Can Help You

Sikkim holiday packages are now more than just visiting Gangtok and Pelling. For travel buffs looking for new places to explore, North Sikkim is undoubtedly a beautiful place with snow-capped mountains, picturesque lakes, holy monasteries, and serene valleys. Because of the terrain location and accessibility issues, North Sikkim is not an easy location where you can easily travel with your kids and elderly people.

If you’re planning a North Sikkim holiday package from Kolkata, here’re a few tips to help you through the trip.

Tips to keep in mind while planning a North Sikkim holiday package

Unlike Sikkim’s South, West, and East counterparts, the Northern part lies more towards the Chinese borders. Hence a special North Sikkim permit cover is required for the same. Moreover, all sorts of transport are not permitted within the boundaries of North Sikkim. Hence, before you visit, make sure that you book a tour package with a local company. They will have the necessary documents and permits to help you travel across North Sikkim.

Check weather conditions

North Sikkim exhibits extreme cold temperatures. High snowfalls and landslides can block roads and get tourists stuck in nowhere. Hence, the months of April are generally desirable for arranging a North Sikkim tour. So before you plan, check the weather conditions with the local tour packaging companies.

Get your essentials packed

North Sikkim remains cold throughout the year, particularly among other parts of Sikkim. Pack items like jackets, medicines, extra chargers, mineral water, socks and boots and an umbrella to complete the trip successfully.

Discuss the permits

As stated earlier, since North Sikkim lies near the border, hence there might be requirements for permits for vehicles. An inner line permit is generally required for foreign nationals entering Sikkim. Moreover, only big tourist vehicles can operate in North Sikkim due to the rugged terrain. Hence, book your car beforehand, as there’s always a shortage of vehicles going to North Sikkim.

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Carry medicines and an oxygen cylinder

Gurudongmar Lake, one of the picturesque locations of North Sikkim, is one of the highest lakes. You are bound to face oxygen insufficiency there. Hence oxygen cylinders and medicines for higher altitudes should be a part of your package when you visit North Sikkim. Also, ensure that you plan a visit at that time of the year when Yumthang and Gurudongmar are not closed due to adverse weather conditions.

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