Experience The Charm of Gurudongmar Lake – Tips To Keep in Mind

Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim, situated at an altitude of 18000 feet, is nature’s wonder and definitely a treat to the eyes. As per the legends about the lake, the great spiritual leader Guru mymedic.es Nanak blessed the lake in the 15th century. Because of the altitude and the need for proper plantation, Gurudongmar is not a place where you should get excited because of the high adrenaline rush. Since it is situated at a significant height, you can experience sudden breathing problems when you reach Gurudongmar Lake for the first time.

Do you canaltaronja.cat need clarification about the itinerary? Contact professionals for Sikkim tour packages from Kolkata. They will guide you with the best tour packages. Before you embark on the trip of a lifetime, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

Things to keep in mind while planning a trip to Gurudongmar Lake

Plan during peak season

During the winter, Gurudongmar Lake is completely frozen. The roads are also closed. From mid-March, the snow starts to melt, and then again within May, the lake and the roads become clear. So, when planning a North Sikkim trip, plan it during the right seasons. So, the best time to visit Gurudongmar is between March and May.

Taking medical advice

Since the altitude of Gurudongmar is 18000 feet, significant breathing troubles will be a part of the trip. Irrespective of the person’s age, weight and health, taking proper medical advice is necessary before you venture into the unknown. Get prepared for motion sickness, breathing troubles and other serious issues.

Take precautions against cold

The average temperature in March to May is between 5 degrees. So, preparing yourself with many necessary winter clothes would be best. Make sure you carry an extra pair of socks, gloves and jeans so you can replace them easily if they get wet in the snow.

Do not get excited

At 15000 ft, you will start feeling the difference in the weather. The oxygen levels will go down. So you should stay under-excited and feel short of breath. There are oxygen cylinders available in the local shops. Make sure you carry one with you in case you feel sick.

Limit your time

It is only advisable to stay up to 30 minutes in and around the Gurudongmar lake. The oxygen level is very low, and staying long can make you feel sick. Phone connectivity is low. You should charge your phone completely as the temperature will affect the battery.

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