Observations Before Planning To Travel to Silk Route in Sikkim

The Silk Route was closed in 1962 after the Indo-China War. It has only been a few years since it has reopened for tourists. After reopening, it is attracting the tourists a lot. There are some places to stay at along the Silk Route, which runs from Sillery Gaon to Gangtok. There are no such things as luxury hotels, but the residents of those villages have created several homestays. They are fairly simple homestays that serve regional food. So, while you plan to go to the Silk Route, you must get the best Sikkim holiday package from Kolkata. It will guarantee you the best experience during your visit to the Silk Route. The points you must make to choose the ideal trip package for the ancient Silk Route are covered below.

The Best Silk Route Tour Packages

Study on the Travel Agency

Checking the travel agency’s qualifications is one of the finest ways to ensure you have chosen the best vacation package. A package will only be as excellent for them who want to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas and the peace and quietness. So you should be ensured the travel agency you took for the holiday to travel on the Silk Route is a skilled and seasoned expert.

Know about the group size

One of the few things you would want is to visit a location like the Silk Route peacefully. When there are fewer people, there is a chance that the experience will get ruined. Before starting the tour, you must ask the travel agent how many people are in the group. You must avoid the group with more than ten people for the silk route package. Always ask the agent to put you in a small group of 7-8 people. The smaller the group, the more beautifully you will enjoy the visit to the Silk Route.

Know what is included in the package

Please confirm the specifications of the tour package you are selecting. It will include the places to visit like Sillery Gaon, Reshikhola, Mulkharka Lake Trek, Gnathang Valley, Dhupidara, and Zuluk. You should know about the cost added for the Silk Route. It is done so that you have no unpleasant surprises throughout the trip.

Inquire about the food

A common error tourists make is that meals are always included in their selected trip package. You should confirm with the travel agent if meals were included during the tour. As it is difficult to get the food in all the hotels there. So, it wouldn’t make sense if you have selected a reasonable package.

Since, you have ensured all the points mentioned above are cleared to you. You have come to Holiday Guide Tours. You have allowed yourself to find a good Silk Route Package provider. So get started; contact us now to book your dream holiday tour.