Sikkim Gangtok Tour Packages from Kolkata

Winter is here, and it is time for all Kolkata’s to visit their nearby hill station, Sikkim or Gangtok. If you live in Kolkata, and you haven’t visited Sikkim once in a lifetime, then oh, you must! It is more like a ritual to visit the hills at any time of the year (try to avoid rainy season though). Sikkim and Gangtok tour packages from Kolkata have so much serenity to offer, and you do not even need any drugs to get high on. Nature will give you the best high of your life. For example, I often go there when I hit a struggling point in my life. In popular belief, Sikkim heals you internally with so much greenery everywhere and mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. The beauty and calmness of nature will heal you both physically and mentally. Here, we are going to go through some exciting activities that you can do at Sikkim and Gangtok.

1.Cable Ride- Enjoy the View of Gangtok from hundreds of fts above

This is one of the most enthralling things to do in Gangtok. From Deorali to Tashling, you will get to see Gangtok from a bird’s point of view. The view from the cable ride is beyond words, as you will engulf the feel of seeing the range of mountains from above. If you go to Sikkim/Gangtok, you must try cable rides else it will be a huge miss. The ticket price is INR 110 for adults and INR 70 for children. Brace yourself for a glorious view of Kanchenjunga,

2.Yak Safari

Have you ever wondered how it will feel like to travel on those hairy mountain animals? Well, you can experience Yak Safari at Sikkim, and it is one hell of an experience. Sit on the hunchback of the mountain animal as it slowly and steadily takes you through the beautiful places of Sikkim. Yak rides are of charitable activities in Sikkim, and to feel a part of the mountain, you must go for it.

3.River Rafting at Gangtok

If you are having high levels of the adrenaline rush, take part in river rafting activity at Gangtok. River rafting at River Teesta is one of the most adventurous and full of adrenaline rush activities that you can do at Gangtok. It is quite a safe activity until you have got your life jackets on, and follow the rules as told by the instructor. Rush through the rough and wild rapids of Teesta river and live dangerously (although there is no danger) and enjoy the sport.

Nathula Pass

4.Hill Stations are all about beautiful sunsets

If you have been to Gangtok or any part of Sikkim, you would know how beautiful the evenings get here. There are a lot of viewpoints in Gangtok, such as the Tashi viewpoint from where you will enjoy the beautiful, mind-blowing view of sunset and sunrise. As the sun shines on the top of the Kanchenjunga range, you will know that you have made the best decision of your life coming to Gangtok hill station!