What Is The Most Preferred Time For Visiting Sikkim?

Sikkim is a land of dramatic landscapes that surprise every traveller. It is a state full of wonderful places and amazing people. Situated in northern India, Sikkim is famous among tourists for its vibrant culture and stunning geographical locations.

If you are planning to visit Sikkim within the next few months, you need to have a detailed itinerary about the top places you would like to visit, your preferred accommodation options, the transport facilities, and the total number of days included in the trip. Though Sikkim trips can be self-arranged, consulting with a tour agency that provides customised Sikkim tour packages is always good.

A tailored trip package will ensure that your trip is smooth and you do not face any issues. The tour package includes transport costs, food, lodging and sightseeing.
Here, explore more about the best time to visit Sikkim and what you can see.

Sikkim Tour Packages

1. Visit Sikkim From March To June And September To November

The best time to visit Sikkim is spring and autumn, from March to June and September to November. The weather is pleasant during this time, with clear skies and moderate temperatures.
Summer is very special in Sikkim, where you can enjoy pleasant views of the mountain peaks. Though during the summers, the rest of the country experiences extreme weather, Sikkim turns out to be the ideal place for avoiding the heat. Along with exploring the monasteries and gardens, one can observe the magic of the place’s flora and fauna. It is the perfect time for those who want to go hiking. You can choose the best Sikkim tour packages for a memorable trip to Sikkim during this time.
From September to November, Sikkim, mainly in the northern part, experiences a contrast in culture and ambience from the rest of the country. It is neither too hot nor too cold, remaining between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. Mt. Kanchenjunga is clearly visible to visitors, and the lakes and cascades appear to be more alluring, too.

2. Monsoon In Sikkim

The monsoon in Sikkim lasts from July to August. As rainfall is quite heavy during this time, it is good to avoid a trip during the monsoon. However, if you are planning to travel during the monsoon, you need to have a flexible itinerary as the landslides are quite frequent. You can visit Sikkim during the monsoon season to relax, sit on your balcony with a cup of tea, and enjoy the rain.

3. Winters in Sikkim

Sikkim has an unusual mood during the winter. During this time, the place has a certain wildness and charm that attracts tourists worldwide. The temperature remains as low as 4-7 degrees Celsius. The mountains get covered with snow, and the lakes are frozen. Those who love snowfall can surely visit destinations like Pelling, Lachung, Yumthang Valley and Gangtok. Check out the best Sikkim tour packages that fit your time and budget.
From the above points, it is clear that you can visit Sikkim throughout the year. However, each season has its uniqueness and beauty. Contact the best travel agency like Holiday Guidethat arranges affordable and bespoke Sikkim tour packages for travellers.