Things To Keep in Mind When You Plan for A Sikkim Trip

Sikkim, a mesmerising destination surrounded by glittering glacial lakes, waterfalls, high-peak mountain ranges, and serene monastery life, is a paradise for all mountain lovers. Whether you’re a trekker, a nature enthusiast, or want to enjoy a blissful weekend amongst the clouds and mountains, Sikkim has everything in store for every type of traveller.

However, for a hassle-free travel experience, keep a few things in mind when you plan your Sikkim trip. Also, book your tour package with a reputed operator for a seamless, adventurous, and memorable travelling experience.


How to plan for a Sikkim trip?

Pack only necessities

When you plan to travel to Sikkim, do not overburden yourself with clothes. Remember to pack woollen garments, as the weather is generally cold there. If you plan to visit Gurudongmar, keep a jacket and an extra pair of woollen garments to beat the cold. It is also advisable to carry anti-allergic and anti-cold creams for protection.

Arrange for permits

Visiting Sikkim without permits can get you into trouble. There are two major types of permits, namely restricted area permits and Inner Line permits. If you’re planning to visit Tsomgo Lake in East Sikkim and Lacen, Lachung, and Yumthang in the Northern part, then you need to have a protected Area Permit with you. Again, to travel beyond these areas, the Restricted Area Permit is applicable.

Pay respect to local culture

From the moment you enter Sikkim, you’ll be greeted by monasteries and pagodas. To experience the calmness and serenity within the monasteries, you need to maintain proper decorum as a tourist. For instance, you must keep the monasteries and the premises clean. Do not carry or eat food inside the premises; maintain silence inside the temple.

Select the best time for your trip

You can visit Sikkim almost at any time of the year. However, it is always wise to avoid visiting during the monsoons. The ideal peak season is from March to May and September to December. Again, December to February is the ideal time for people looking for high snowfall.

Look for accommodations

Sikkim offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxurious hotels to budget homestays. If you want to enjoy the view of Kanchenjunga, you can book near the top peaks. Otherwise, you might consider making a booking in the central part of the marketplace to get easy access to public transport. It is better to plan in advance because the state stays populated most of the year.

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