Ideal Season to Book an Andaman Tour Package for The Best Holidays

The Indian union territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been a favourite holiday destination for people from mainland India for decades. Even when it required days on end to reach the islands by ship there was no dearth of tourists. Now, however, with a fully functional airport at Port Blair, tourism has really taken off. If you are thinking about booking an Andaman honeymoon package or simply want to go there during the Durga Puja, be aware of the fact that Andaman is one of those places that has a moderate climate year – round. Read on to know more about the seasons experienced in the Islands.

Andaman Tour Package

Best Season to Visit – Explained by an Andaman Travel Agent

  • Summer

Andaman Holidays

One of the main seasons in Andaman is the summer season. The summer months are spread mainly between January and April, and with most educational institutions in the mainland being closed due to vacations, Andaman experiences quite an influx of tourists during these months. There is absolutely no rainfall during summer, making the season ideal for dives in the water, as well as quite a few types of water sports. The temperatures during summer hover between 25°C and 32°C, being very conducive to having a pleasant time on your Andaman holidays. The best activities you can engage in when you are in Andaman during summer are scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkelling and parasailing, ensuring that the experience that you have will be with you for a lifetime. When you pack your bags for the trip, remember to include mostly light clothes, keeping in mind the sunny conditions. Sunscreens, sunglasses, deodorants, and headgear are must-haves in a tropical setting. Drink lots of water to curb dehydration, as it happens rather quickly in such climates.

  • Monsoon

Interestingly, Andaman experiences two monsoon seasons. Both the southwest and the northeast monsoons hit the islands. While the monsoon from the southwest occurs between May and September, the northeast one arrives between November and January. The monsoon that occurs in the Indian mainland arrives via Andaman. Although a little bit drab compared to the summer season, the monsoons also have their own special things to offer. The temperatures stay between 22°C and 30°C, and the heavy precipitation coupled with tropical thunderstorms can mar your experience a little bit, but you can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your hotel room while sipping on orange juice or a glass of hot chocolate. The best Andaman travel agent would advise against going to Andaman during the monsoon, but if you are someone who likes to witness everything that nature has to offer, you can go there on a trip.

  • Winter

Although Andaman does not have a winter to speak of, the weather does get comparatively colder between the months of December and February. The temperatures, however, remain above 20°C, with the average low being around 22°C and the high being around 30°C, the daytime hours can turn out to be quite warm. With weather patterns changing around the world, it may just happen that the token winter season in the Islands won’t stay for much longer.

As you can see, both the seasons spread across the year are good times to visit Andaman, but during one season you are able to go out and experience everything that your Andaman tour package has to offer, while during the wet season you can stay indoors and evolve.